Under Sink Water Purifier With Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Short Description:

1. Integrated Waterboard
1) Make full use of product space
2)Reduce pipe connections
3)eliminate the risk of water leakage
4)Can withstand strong pressure

2. Filter(400~800G)
1)HPPC is Composite filter combines PP cotton and Activated carbon
2)When replacing the filter under the counter, the filter can be changed directly without lifting the machine. And you can replace it yourself.
3)Water stop function, no water will overflow when changing the filter.

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Under sink purifier 400~800G for option
The kitchen use water purifier is often installed in the cabinet under the kitchen. It can not only bring clean water to every family, but also is very simple, convenient and reasonable without occupying space. When using, as long as you turn on the tap, you can get clean water, which is very fast to operate.

Or you want the tabletop water dispenser,wall mounted water dispenser,we also can meet your needs.

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3.Powerful filter ability
HPCC Composite filter
1)PP + Carbon Block
It can reject the solid impurities , such as Suspended solids slit , insect and rust . Effectively remove different colors and odors , the remaining chlorine , pesticide residues and other organic matter .
2)Carbon Block :Improving the taste , make water more sweeter .
RO Filter
Theoretical filtration degree can reach 0.001-0.0001 micron reject the bacteria and heavy metal in the water effectively .

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Product number



400 412mm

Water pressure

0 . 1-0 . 4mpa

Washing method

Automatic flush

Rated power

57 . 6W

Four stages


Filtration accuracy

0.0001 micron filter



Loading capacity

360PCS/20GP,  980PCS/40HQ







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