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Filterpur Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. OEM&ODM Manufacturer of water purifier, RO membrane, water filter and waterboard integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales.
We have invested 80+ million RMB and a plant area of 10, 000 square meters. It has two 100, 000-class dust-free workshops, an injection molding workshop and a mold processing workshop. Production Capacity of filter production is 10 million pcs/year. RO membrane components 3 million/year.

Injection workshop

Since establishment, we have committed to implementation of ISO9001 quality management system and Adhering to the "quality, professionalism, integrity, innovation" business philosophy,Strive to ensure 100% pass rate of products.Our company has obtained more than 70 utility model patents and 2 invention patents. At the same time of winning the honor, the sense of mission drives us to move forward and rebuild brilliance!
We have exported to the United States, Germany, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Dubai, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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Production Process

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Water Hammer Life Experiment

In different places, the water pressure of household water is different. To ensure that our products are used in all households, we test them through a series of pressure water hammer experiments. In the experiment, the water pressure will be added from 0 to 3 times normal pressure in 2 seconds, then from 3 times normal pressure to 0, and repeated 200,000 times in succession. Simulate the water pressure impact on products in daily life. Make sure every product is safe and reliable.

water hammer life

Blasting Experiment

Test the air tightness and compression resistant of each water purification filter. It guarantees that the product will not leak water and perfect pressure under normal water pressure or even abnormal water pressure. In the experiment, the water purification filter element is continuously boosted, and the maximum pressure value that the filter element can withstand is measured. This ensures that the water purification filter can withstand normal water pressure or even abnormal water pressure.

Water Quality Testing

The water quality data before and after filtration of the water purification filter was recorded through a 90-day professional test. Including residual chlorine removal rate, turbidity test, PH value test, conductivity test, TDS value test. The degree of pass of the filter element is determined by the result of the test to ensure the degree of clean water of the filter element.

water quality test



Electric Examination

gas examination

Gas Examination

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