Standing hot and cold water dispenser with 4 stage water filter

Short Description:

Item No.:FTP-AK-Q5
Product Size:410*320*1438MM
Hot Water Tank:8L
Pure Water Tank:7L
Net weight/Gross weight:22.5KG/25.8KG
Four Stage: PP+C1+RO+C2
OEM/ODM order ( customize logo )


Products Advantage

1) Hot&Cold water output for your choice
2) Without Bottled Water,It can be directly connected to the water pipe
3) Free installation
4) 4 stages water filtration ,Ro directly drinking
5) 5s quick replace the filter
6) Compressor cooling,and with child lock function

Our Service

1)OEM and ODM         2) Logo, Packaging, Color Customized

3) Technical Support   4) Provide Promotion Pictures

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Introducing our Vertical Water purifier, the perfect solution for clean and safe drinking water. This sleek and compact appliance fits easily into any kitchen or living space.

Equipped with advanced filtration technology, Filterpur vertical water purifer effectively remove impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and odors, ensuring the highest quality water for you and your family.

The purifier has a user-friendly interface that provides easy operation with adjustable settings and an intuitive display. You can easily monitor the water quality and adjust the purification level according to your preference.

The vertical water purifier also has a large-capacity water tank, which can continuously provide pure water throughout the day without frequent refilling. Plus, the purification process is quick and efficient, ensuring you won't have to wait long for a refreshing glass of pure water.

With its contemporary design and outstanding performance, our vertical water purifier is the ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, hassle-free solution to their drinking water needs. Turn your tap water into pure and healthy refreshment with our stand water dispenser today.

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4 stage filter water dispenser will help you solve the problem.

standing water dispenser filter

4 stages water filter
Suitable for areas with poor water quality and high scale and heavy metal .

1)PP Cotton Filter
It can reject the solid impurities, such as Suspended solids slit, insect and rust.

2)C1 Pre-active carbon
Effectively remove different colors and odors, the remaining chlorine, pesticide residues and other organic matter.

3)RO Filter
Theoretical filtration degree can reach.001-00001 micron,reject the bacteria and heavy metal in the water effectively.

4)C2 Post-active Carbon
Improving the taste, make water more sweeter.

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