Water purifier cartridge 400G Quick Locking for all kind water dispenser

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Item No.: FTP-806

Quick Locking water filter

4 stage design,Provide OEM & ODM  

Suitable for all sorts of water dispenser

Quick locking design and it s very easy to replace the filter by ourselves

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4 stages water filtration

PP Cotton filter, Pre-Active Carbon, RO filter, Post-Active Carbon


1) PP Cotton Filter

It can reject the solid impurities , such as Suspended solidsslit . insect and rust.

Material : Food grade polypropylene

Filter service life : 6-12 months

2) C1 Pre-active Carbon Filter

Effectively remove different colors and odors , the remainingchlorine , pesticide residues and other organic matter

Material : Activated carbon

Filter service life : 6-12 months


1) RO Filter

Theoretical filtration degree can reach 0.001-0.0001 micronreject the bacteria and heavy matal in the water effectively .

Material : DOW / CSM

Filter service life : 24-36 months

Easy to assemble and replace internal filter, you can solve it at home

First Step Swing the filter

Second Step  Twist down the filter clockwise


Suitable for all sorts of Dispenser

The filter can be freely matched , and 3 or 4 filters can be placed according to the internal space of the whole machine.

Combination of 3 filters :

1) PP + RO + C

2) PP + PAC + RO

3) PAC + RO + C

P.S PAC is a composite filter


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