UF water purifier countertop Stainless steel hot&warm drinking

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Item No.: FTP-TU01
Size: 14.7 x 20 x 32 CM
Single Stage: C+Ion-exchange Resin
Material: Stainless steel
Water Tank : 3L
Loading capacity: 1000PCS/20GP ,2500PCS/40HQ

Products Advantage

1) Water TDS Screen Display
2) 4 water volumes and 6 water temperatures
3) Single stage water filter, easy filter replacement
4) With descaling, lack of water, temperature reminder functions

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Which is better? UF filtering or ro filtering water purifier.
At present, there are basically two types of water purifiers in the market, one is ultra filtration water purifier, and the other is reverse osmosis water purifier. The biggest difference between the two types of water purifiers is the difference in filtration precision. Ultra filtration water purifiers use ultra filtration membranes, which can achieve a filtration precision of 0.01 microns, and can filter out most of the impurities in the water, but cannot filter out water alkali, belonging to mineral water. The core component of the reverse osmosis water purifier is RO membrane. The filtration accuracy of RO membrane can reach 0.0001 μ m, and basically only water molecules can pass through. Therefore, the basic purified water obtained after filtration will not produce scale in the kettle.
As for this choice, it can be decided according to your local water quality. If the local water quality is good and the water alkali is few, you can choose ultra filtration water purifier, which is economical and affordable. If the local water quality is poor and the water alkali is too high, you can choose reverse osmosis water purifier.

We also have hot and normal water dispenserunder sink water purifier for your choice.

20221015超滤台面机 详情-12
20221015超滤台面机 详情-13
20221015超滤台面机 详情-14

UF filtration Keep beneficial minerals,No waste water.
Safety protection,Guarding water safety
Child lock, Boil dry and overheat protection,Water shortage reminder,

20221015超滤台面机 详情-16

1 Filter element , 2 Layers of filtration
Composite filter element , more efficient and convenient

PP Cotton Filter
It can reject the solid impurities such as Suspended solids slit ,insect and rust
Material :Food grade poly propylene

Pre-active Carbon Filter
Effectively remove different colors and odors , the remaining chlorine , pesticide residues and other organic matter
Material : Activated carbon

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20221015超滤台面机 详情-19
20221015超滤台面机 详情-21
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Product number



147 * 200 * 320mm

Water Tank




Rated Power


Water Temperature

45℃, 55℃, 65℃, 75℃ , 85℃ , 100℃

Water Volume

100 , 200 , 300 , 400ml







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